In the historical centre, the wine festival organized by the association “Nereidi”.

At the center of attention in the city tomorrow, Friday, August 23, Wines in the South, an initiative organized by the cultural association “Nereidi” in collaboration with the Department of Tourism of the City of Nardò and with the patronage and contribution of the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environmental Region of Puglia.
After the great success of Giro di Gusto, “Nereidi” returns to Nardò with this initiative aimed at enhancing the culture of wine, the most representative grape varieties of Puglia and food and wine. The historic center will be intoxicated for a night by the “nectar of Bacchus“, with the protagonists of the best regional wineries that already in their names, in the scents and flavors, tell the story of the land where they are produced. Vini a Sud, starting at 8 pm, will distribute the wine in three areas (Piazza Salandra, Piazza San Domenico and Piazzetta San Giuseppe), according to color: then there will be an area dedicated to “red”, one to “rose” and one to “white” and “bubbles”. The exhibition will be enriched by the “Taste of Puglia“, designed for those who want to pamper their palate with the culinary interpretations of the best Apulian companies. The meeting with the identity of Apulian wine is guaranteed by the selection of high quality companies, accompanied by AIS sommeliers who will illustrate the characteristics and history of each label making taste the best of production.

There will be the cellars Cantele, Schola Sarmenti, Cantine Sampietrana, Le vigne di Sammarco, Palamà, Cantina Coppola 1489, Bozzi-Corso, Cantine Paolo Leo, L’Astore Masseria, Vinicola Mediterranea, Agricole De Palma, Cantine De Falco, Tenute Girolamo, Cantina Taurino Francesco, Cantina Fiorentino, Cantina Bonsegna, Cantina Mocavero, Cantine San Pancrazio, Cantina Cellinese, Vini Leuci, Cantina Due Palme. Food, culture and excellent wine will be the protagonists in a great wine festival dedicated to taste and quality.
Admission to the event area is free. You will receive a glass, a tied bib and 8 tasting tickets at a cost of 10 euros.

Source of 22.08.2019

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