Puglia in the showcase, “Il Salento santo & trasgressivo” at the International Tourism Exchange of Milan

Puglia on display at the International Tourism Exchange in Milan. Salento is in evidence, with six destinations proposed by the journalist Carmen Mancarella, director of the magazine “Spiagge”, host of a press conference: Galatina, Giurdignano, Grotte di Leuca, Melendugno, Nardò and Supersano. Leading thread, “Il Salento santo & transgressivo”. Let’s see how. For example, sin on the beaches of nightlife and become saints at the “Tables of St. Joseph”. Lose yourself among the baroque historical centres. Dance the “pizzica” where it is inspired. Immerse yourself in the parks and nature reserves, between sheer cliffs and coastal towers. “We want to tell you – he said – a different Salento, linked to spirituality and traditions, like the Tables of St. Joseph in Giurdignano, but also fun, like the carnival of Supersano.

The event – which was attended by the vice presidents of the Apulian Association of Milan, Giuseppe Selvaggi and Agostino Picicco – chaired the regional councilor for tourism industries, Loredana Capone, who said, among other things: “Puglia has entered the top ten of the most popular tourist regions in Italy and the one that has recorded the greatest increase in foreign tourism.

Supersano, the carnival of haute couture. Our journey begins in Supersano where, between two and four March, for the carnival, half of the country parades, the other half is committed to sewing clothes, take care of the music and the scenery. The clothes, handmade with fine fabrics, come from the best tailoring art, which has made the country famous for wedding dresses. Tourists will also be given the opportunity to dress up some of the carnival dresses and to parade together with the inhabitants.

Giurdignano, the Tables of St. Joseph. It is an ancient rite of derivation “arbereshe” (Albanian of Italy). On the occasion of the feast of the Saint, in the small town located a few kilometers from Otranto are set up the “Tables of St. Joseph” on which are prepared dishes related to Christian and pagan symbolism: to discover and taste. A very large table is prepared in the square by the Pro Loco and the Municipality.

Nardò, among olive groves and parks that border on the sea. Let’s leave the description to the councillor Giulia Puglia: “almost 32 thousand inhabitants, with a coastline stretching for over 22 kilometres, from Torre Squillace to the Quattro Colonne, what was once the ancient Neretum is now a symbolic destination for lovers of slow, cultural and relaxing journeys. The guide “Routard” has included it among the ten secret places of Italy: to discover. A city where nature, history and culture coexist. An explosion of beauty is the historical centre of Nardò, with its baroque churches and noble palaces, open also to receptivity and transformed into “de chàrme” residences.

Galatina, not to be missed Basilica and “pasticciotto”. The mysterious and intriguing story of Queen Mary of Enghien and her husband Raimondello del Balzo Orsini leads us to Galatina, defined by the magazine “Forbes” as one of the most popular destinations for travelers. “With the cycle of paintings of the school of Giotto – said the Councillor Cristina Dittù -, the Basilica of St. Catherine of Alexandria has been proclaimed a national monument. The story of Raimondello and Maria -he has anticipated- will become a historical re-enactment. The city, moreover, is tied to the origins of the “tarantismo” to which the famous pizzica is owed”.

The former councillor for tourism of the city, Alberto Russi, said that “Galatina is the navel of the world”. You come to Galatina “for its charming old town, the church of Saints Peter and Paul, where tarantismo was born, … but also to discover the famous pasticciotto. “Yes -confirms the president of the association of Salento pastry chefs, Luigi Derniolo- the pasticciotto has become the sweet symbol of Salento, but not only. The province of Lecce is the richest in Italy for variety of sweets and also for recipes and typical dishes.

Melendugno celebrates. “According to data from Pugliapromozione just published, among all the destinations in Puglia, Melendugno is the first, for having obtained the largest increase in foreign tourists (plus 41%), says the councilor responsible for tourism, Angelica Petrachi.

“On the wonderful marinas of Melendugno, Torre Specchia Ruggeri, San Foca, Roca, Torre dell’Orso and Torre Sant’Andrea, the blue flags, the yellow flag of Legambiente and the green flag of pediatricians, who have recognized the beaches for children. “In San Foca was created the first lido in Italy, equipped for people with disabilities, the Terrace on the sea. Finally, 40 summer events, which are part of the Blue Festival, allow you to have fun in the evening, choosing between cultural events and shows of music and cabaret.

The Caves of Leuca. A must for your holidays in Salento. The president of the “Nativity of the Sea” Association, Isacco Margarito, illustrated the wide range of activities that can be done: from trekking to excursions, theArticle by

Antonino Di Stefano

Published on www.paeseitaliapress.it on 15 February 2019



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