Agenzia Liliana Immobiliare web site uses cookies in order to ensure the proper functioning and improve the navigation experience of the final user.

What are cookies?

Cookies are little text strings used to save useful information in the client (the browser) that will be used at the next visit by the same user, for example for executing the user authentication, for session monitoring, user preferences, etc.

Types of cookies

There are two types of cookies: “session” or “functional” cookies, and “persistent” cookies.

Session or functional cookies are used only for essential site functions and without them some operations could not be executed or would not be secure. For example, session cookies are used for accessing personal protected area or to save the user preferences for the duration of a navigation session.

Persistent cookies are used to trace user activity in order to create a user profile and send, for example, ad hoc advertisement according to the user category.

A particular case of persistent cookies is the “analytics cookies”. They are used to collect data about network traffic generated by the users for statistical information, and can be considered as functional cookies if data are collected in aggregate manner, without identify the user.

This is the case of Agenzia Liliana Immobiliare that uses only session and functional cookies, included analytics cookies to collect data in aggregate manner.

How to manage cookies The user can accept or deny all or some cookies changing the web browser preferences. Please refer to the official web browser documentation to see how to manage cookies. Here there are some guides on how manage cookies in the most popular web browsers. Mozilla Firefox IE 11 Chrome Safari

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