Our Strength

Since 1971 the real estate Agency Liliana Immobiliare operates in the real estate tourism sector by offering certainty and professionalism for holidays of any kinds. Thanks to its long-time experience, the Agency Liliana Immobiliare can provide a wide range of properties including: one or two rooms, residences, apartments, townhouses, detached villas, leased for periods ranging from whole months to only a few days.

Our office

Photo of Agenzia Liliana Immobiliare office

Our services

The real estate agency Liliana Immobiliare provides a plurality of services:


A wide range of properties, grouped into three categories: LUXURY - MEDIUM - ECONOMIC. You can book with very short notice and request cleanup crew for laundry service.


Qualified technical service, with the possibility of obtaining registration documents and hypo-cadastral investigations. Where necessary expert opinions are carried on. Therfore the agency Liliana Immobiliare guarantees total assistance until the notarial deed.